Bright Sky Contracting are accredited by the FCSA and Professional Passport. We offer the following engagement and payroll models:

  • Umbrella PAYE
  • CIS
  • Joint Employment
  • Professional Employment Organisation solution

We look to promote best practice and ensure that we offer protection and value to all stakeholders within our supply chain. All of which is jargon for we follow the rules and do a good job when helping recruitment agencies pay their contractors.

We have previously spoken “If something is too good to be true then it is” and to “avoid abusive relationships” we are now using Halloween as an excuse to market our message that companies claiming to be Umbrella companies who are unable to demonstrate compliant process are putting you and your contractors at risk. Be afraid, Very afraid.

An estimated 50,000 people have been hit by the tax policy known as the loan charge. The statistics tell a story on their own that promoters of illegal tax efficiency schemes have been successful in duping a lot of companies and individuals, but it is the individual stories of people loosing homes and facing bills of over £100,000 that are the harsh reality. These “victims” were often unaware that what they were doing was incorrect and are not “tax dodgers” but individuals mislead by wolves in sheep’s clothing. While the individuals face retrospective tax bills and potential bankruptcy, agencies with reputations in tatters the promoters of such schemes seemingly face no consequence.

Some individuals and agencies who engage with these promoters of what are best described as “dodgy models” find comfort in the so called “grey area”. They seemingly accept that something is not right but it is ok because tax legislation can be complicated and this expert company is doing something in such a way that the unbelievable is possible. They are working with a company who holds themselves out as an expert who downplays any risk or that there are any consequences. How a contractor or agency could be held responsible when it is not them actually offering the service or charging for the service seems beyond comprehension. With the Criminal Finance Act and the General Anti avoidance rules compliance within a supply chain is the responsibility of all stakeholders.

The scary thing is that it is the agencies who engage with these dodgy companies and the contractors who they place are the ones who will have to face the music.

Avoid an unwanted fright and only work with compliant payroll providers who:

  • Can provide a set of audited accounts to illustrate their duties are covered in full and reported to the correct standards
  • Are accredited by a trade association such as The FCSA or Professional Passport
  • Have a transparent and open explanation of revenue streams and how they operate.

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