Mileage Only Expenses

Workers who are subject to (or the right of) supervision, direction and/or control (“SDC”) are not eligible to claim tax relief on travel and subsistence.

As mileage falls outside the relevant salary sacrifice rules Bright Sky can offer mileage only umbrella to those who meet the criteria and can evidence they fall into one of the following categories:

  • Outside SDC; and/ or
  • Are a mobile worker

A number of compliance checks will be completed on each assignment before a contractor is given the option of mileage only umbrella over PAYE umbrella.

Should the criteria not be met once reviewed by the Bright Sky Team the contractor will have to be paid via PAYE umbrella however if the contractor disagrees and believes they are entitled to claim tax relief on expenses, Bright Sky can assist in completing a year end Repayment Claim or Tax Return. (This means the contractor will not receive weekly relief).

Outside SDC

From the information and evidence obtained from the below Bright Sky must be able to reach a reasonable conclusion as to why SDC does not exist.

  • Is the contractor paid a higher rate, experienced and qualified?; and
  • Review a copy of the agency contract; and
  • Complete a questionnaire with the worker; and
  • Produce a summary report to determine the outcome of the evidence

If the above are met and a reasonable conclusion for outside SDC is met then mileage can be claimed each week and any claims outside mileage will be collated and submitted via a year end claim.

Umbrella Types
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Supervision, Direction, Control
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Mobile Worker

A mobile worker is someone who moves from site to site during the working day or has no main place of work. Bright Sky will;

  • Establish the permanent place of work (if applicable);and
  • Review assignment schedule; and
  • Confirm schedule of work (if applicable)

If the above are met the contactor can claim from a permanent place of work to temporary place or home to temporary place of work. The contractor must provide evidence they are temporary workplaces and reasons why they had to travel. This can be done each week on the expenses claim form and again any lunch etc can be added to the claim form and collated for a yearend return.

Yearend Claims

Any contractors who feel they are one of the above and do not pass the evidence checks can complete a yearend return to submit expense claims for tax relief to HM Revenue & Customs (“HMRC”).

Due to the amount of claims, refunds will more than likely be issued but this is not confirmation that HMRC feel the worker is outside SDC. Enquires could possibly come afterwards and if HMRC then find the contractor to be caught by SDC they will reclaim the monies along with interest.